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Voicing Oceanhorn 2

We've all grown up with RPG games where dialogues were limited to a tiny text window with an arrow at the bottom and, in the best case scenario, a blippy SFX when the story unfolded. It's 2019, and excellent voice acting is now a fan-favorite feature.

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Introducing the Knights

The White City, Arcadia's Capital, is not only home to the Grand Regent Archimedes but also headquarter of the oldest military order of Gaia: the Knight's Order. The Knights protect the Realm against external threats, serve as personal guard to the current ruler, and generally uphold the law and settle disputes.

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The 5th Anniversary, Oceanhorn 2 and a new website

This year we travelled to a (not so) sunny San Francisco on Epic Games’ invitation to show Oceanhorn 2 at the Unreal Engine venue at GDC 18. What an amazing opportunity! We prepared a great demo to show at the expo, so if you’re an Oceanhorn fan, make sure to drop by and play the latest build of our game. You will also meet us, the developers, and have a chat!

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