The Secrets of the Astroblade

If you've been paying attention, you have probably noticed that one of the key art from Oceanhorn 2: Knight of the Lost Realm features our Hero holding a strange sword. Where does it come from, and how can you get it in-game? 


Enter... the Astroblade

The Astroblade is forged from the metal of a meteor. Coming from the deepness of space, it is by far the most powerful weapon in the game, and you can obtain it taking a detour to Faroah, Sir Corbin's resting place. It is a sword fit for kings and warriors, and it could be yours if you just knew how to get it...

The crypt in Faroah, in the North-East corner of the world, holds many secrets related to the Corbin dynasty and their relationship with Gen. Still, we won't spoil too much for those willing to find out by themselves. 

What we'll discuss are the four trials awaiting our heroes. Will they be worthy of the Astroblade?


"There you stand, in the light of a star, wielding the blade lost in time. Forged from a meteor, it hides an ancient might. Hold it high, and your enemies will shake. All will perish before the Astroblade."

The Deadly Contraptions

Reminiscent of certain shrines of a notorious game we’d like to homage, this trial will test your platforming and navigating skills. You'll have first to recover a Power Sphere waiting behind a rotating spike tunnel, and then carry it through a second deadly contraption to activate the mechanism. Don't touch those spikes!

A Story of Four Brothers

The next trial asks our Hero to solve some riddles to avoid being smashed by giant boulders. The first says: "Heed the story I am about to tell, it speaks of brotherhood, heed it well. Four brothers walked down a mountain path. They did not go forth, nor did they turn right, but they turned towards the vale and safety."

Do you understand what you need to do?


Target Practice

This trial will test your skills as a gunslinger. Make sure you have enough ammo, and that your reflexes are sharp! The first stage of target practice might seem easy, but can you hit the fast-moving one? That's something only the best shots out there can achieve!

Wave after wave

Finally, our party will be asked to face every enemy in the game, coming in waves, before having access to the final Power Sphere. Make sure to face this test with all the health containers full, as you’ll also have to defeat several Guardians!

This is all we'll say about the Corbyn crypt! Now, what are you waiting for, go explore it and show us your worth!

Antti Viljamaa